Daniel L’Altrella

Daniel L’Altrella (NMLS# 133211) is a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist (CMPS) at L’Altrella Lending Group in Shelton, Connecticut. He joined the family business in 2007, after previously working as a loan officer with a local mortgage company for three years.

Only 1% of all mortgage professionals in the U.S. hold the title of CMPS, making it a prestigious license within the industry. L’Altrella works with clients to secure a mortgage that works as a long term financial tool for them. The CMPS program emphasizes the true value of a mortgage as a financial instrument, as opposed to the outdated notion of selling a mortgage package as a commodity. Certified mortgage planning specialists are different from typical brokers because they actually advise their clients on financial planning issues and counsel on how to erase debt, repair credit and reach financial stability.

As a CMPS, L’Altrella studies and analyzes the most current data within the national and local markets to determine the best options for each individual client. He then tailors very specific mortgage and financial plans. L’Altrella assists his clients in realizing their goals, whether it is to create a nest egg, save for retirement, or pay for an education.

“It’s not all about rates; it’s about knowledge, service and what your mortgage does for you as a whole” says L’Altrella.

He specializes in first-time home buyers because he enjoys the educational component of working with new home owners. L’Altrella takes the time to guide his clients through the process, explaining how the mortgage industry works and the many different programs and options that are now available for consumers.

Although his niche is first-time home buyers, L’Altrella of course also works with second time home buyers and borrowers who need specific loan packages for: investment properties, reverse mortgages, jumbo, FHA, VA, commercial, land, rehabilitation, construction, and multi-family properties.

L’Altrella enjoys working for a family business that helps make a difference in the lives of local residents in the community. “My son Daniel has always been a people person, so this field is perfect for him,” says Principle Annie L’Altrella. “He enjoys getting people the best deal out there, while helping them to understand the whole process of purchasing or refinancing their home. He takes his time with each client, because most people don’t give their clients the proper time they deserve. He enjoys helping people to realize their dreams and improve the quality of their life.”

Dan grew up in Stratford, attending Bunnell High School, class of 2000, where he was captain of the football team. He then went on to Southern Connecticut State University where he majored in business, marketing and finance, graduating in 2005. He is a member of the Valley Chamber of Commerce, Bridgeport Regional Business Counsel, Business Networking International, and Chair of the Young Emerging Professionals (YEP) Group in Shelton.

Today he resides in Shelton. In his free time, Dan enjoys playing golf and softball. Dan is also a big fan of the University of Michigan Football and the New York Yankees. He spends most of his time with friends and family, and his dog Boozer. Dan is the youngest of three boys; his brothers are Nino and Peter. Dan feels fortunate that he gets to work with his parents every day, Annie and Peter. He also believes in giving back to his community, volunteering and working as a trainer with the Connecticut Special Olympics in honor of his brother Nino. Dan has also worked as a volunteer coach for a youth basketball team in Stratford, the Sterling House recreational league.

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